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Ivan Mocs

How to Rotate Element 180deg with Locomotive Scroll?

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hello, i am using gsap scroll trigger, and it is working, and i want to combine it with locomotive scroll but its not working.


and how to add back to top function?


See the Pen XWEXYRG by ivan-nizters (@ivan-nizters) on CodePen

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  • Ivan Mocs changed the title to How to Rotate Element 180deg with Locomotive Scroll?

LocomotiveScroll hijacks native scroll and uses "fake" scrolling. ScrollTrigger is based on native ("real") scroll position, thus if you want them to work together you need to get them communicating which is what we made ScrollTrigger.scrollerProxy() for. But please note that LocomotiveScroll is not a GreenSock product so we cannot support it here in these forums. 


I'd strongly recommend considering ScrollSmoother instead which integrates perfectly with ScrollTrigger and allows you to apply smooth scrolling with a single line of code. It's a membership benefit of Club GreenSock



Good luck with your project!

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