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SplitText gradient text not working on mobile device

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I have a sentence animated with gsap split text plugin and it works fine on desktop but on mobile the gradient text disappears. 

If I remove the split text from the sentence it works but after pluggin split text it stops working. What could be causing this? 


I have reproduced the problem here to a simple demo: https://codesandbox.io/s/recursing-alex-xt02xk?file=/src/index.js

Try to open this demo with phone so you can see the problem.


Any hints are greatly appreciated!

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I checked on my iPad and it seemed fine. This doesn't sound like a GSAP question, but more of a browser/CSS one. I'd suggest just taking the results of the split text where there are a bunch of <div> elements and see if you can get that to work the way you want (remove SplitText from the equation). Perhaps it's a browser support issue on the devices you're trying it on (-webkit-background-clip: text;  background-clip: text;) or maybe you need to make sure the background color of the containing elements is black or white or whatever is necessary for the effect you want. 

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I removed Split Text and it works fine but now I don't have the animation:( I'll try to figure this out and post it here If I come up with something.

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