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FOUC not working properly

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Im having an issue with the FOUC, I've set the opacity to 0, and autoAlpha to 1 but the animation plays briefly and then disappears? Any idea why thats happening?

See the Pen MWVYNdR by gjjr (@gjjr) on CodePen

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Hey @cereal_beast, how's going?

You are using a .from() function, so in this way, you will never get the correct autoAlpha because you are set the opacity in 0, probably you will need to use a .to() function to trigger the opacity. I did a quick fork from your pen and fixed it, just check it.

I fixed your syntaxis regarding the duration position, and also I split the animation into two tweens, a from() function for all properties and just a to() function to the autoAlpha. With the last parameter in the to() tween ('<') we reach to execute both tweens at the same time.

I hope helps you!

See the Pen mdxJdad by nazarenooviedo (@nazarenooviedo) on CodePen

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Amazing thank you for explaining your edits also!

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