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Simple countdown Timer class

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I needed a simple countdown timer class and have seen a few posts here over the last few years, including the awesome timer animation by Greensock here - 

See the Pen qBjGZaE by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


But I just needed something simple and reusable.


This community has been so good to me over the years and I've not been the most contributive member. I created this class yesterday and wanted to share it in case anyone needs this kind of thing. It could use some refactoring so it's probably a tad bloated but it's a good starter class.


You can pass the total number of seconds you want the timer to run, the container into which you want the timer to appear, a start callback and an end callback. 


I did use a few Bootstrap css classes so if you don't want to use that, just style the css as you like. I also used a google font for the timer text.


I hope this helps anyone in need of a simple timer.


Thanks again for all the help over the years.

See the Pen 07b7c57c6c2eaa6dd326924261682109 by swampthang (@swampthang) on CodePen

Edited by swampthang
forgot to mention the google font
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Thanks for sharing!🙂

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