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Gsap ScrollSmoother component not working in Nuxt 3

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Hi guys, I have recently started using Nuxt 3. Now I got to a point where I wanted to add ScrollSmoother to my new Nuxt 3 site but somehow this: https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap-scrollsmoother-nuxt-pbhmeh?file=/components/GSAPScrollSmoother.vue component wont work on Nuxt 3 no more. 


I tried to swap data() to setup() but it has no effect:( 


Can anyone spot a reason why it's not working on Nuxt 3. In Nuxt 2 this component works perfectly!


If there is any changes to the component, maybe you could add them to this post! :)



Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with Vue but I cannot imagine why a newer version would somehow break. Are you able to reproduce the issue in vanilla JS? Or perhaps just the most basic possible Vue 3 project that only has a few colored <div> elements? The link you provided seemed to work fine for me, but I must be missing something. 

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@GreenSock Hi, yes the sandbox I provided has been done with nuxt 2. I can try to reproduce the problem with nuxt 3.

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It seems like we don't have access anymore to the Vue instance via import Vue from 'vue'.

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