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how to add active class to another element while scrolling other blocks

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Hi, there!

I wanted to add active class so that when scrolling blocks related item gets active with bigger font-size and white color. I added manually to the first item so that you can easily understand what I mean. So once the first block (Scroll down text-page) leaves the viewport, first item gets inactive and the second one starts to be active, etc.

I'd really appreciate your help)

See the Pen OJQeNpX by mshakhriyorov (@mshakhriyorov) on CodePen

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There are multiple topics on the forum giving detailed explanations on this topic. There probably one that does what you want



Anchor links 


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those posts @mvaneijgen are super useful. I had this demo laying around so here it is :)


See the Pen abqgBVP by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen

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