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Scroll Smoother and Framer

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Has anyone managed to integrate Scroll Smoother with Framer?

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I've never used Framer, sorry. But it's a good question - maybe someone else can chime in who has used Framer. If there's one root element in the <body>, it should be entirely possible as long as you load GSAP, ScrollTrigger, and ScrollSmoother and just ScrollSmoother.create({...})

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The following component override (using ScrollerMotion library) seems to do the trick. Still need to try with GSAP Scroll Smoother. 

import type { ComponentType } from "react"
import { ScrollerMotion } from "scroller-motion"
export function withScrollerMotion(Component😞 ComponentType {
return (props) => {
return (
<Component {...props} />
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