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Is it possible to pass class variables from javascript into scrolltrigger matchMedia function?

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I'm using GSAP to animate things that aren't DOM elements. Specifically a cube in THREE.js. I apologize - I'm not proficient enough to make a minimal demo, but I just want to know if it's possible to pass a class variable from javascript into the ScrollTrigger matchMedia:


            "(max-width: 1024px)": () => {
                this.moveTimeline = new GSAP.timeline({
                    scrollTrigger: {
                        trigger: ".area-one",
                        start: "top top",
                        end: "bottom bottom",
                        scrub: true,
                this.moveTimeline.to(this.cube.position, {
                    x: 5


In this example I have a constructor as such with the variable this.cube:

class Cube{
	this.cube = three.js cube

Of course, if I use function(){} I get errors saying "this.cube" is not defined, because I lose the context. But if I use an arrow function I get no errors,  but the matchMedia no longer works. Basically nothing moves.


Is it possible to access class variables in ScrollTrigger's MatchMedia?

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Woops sorry, arrow functions do work, I just forgot to resize my window lol. 

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