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GSAP + ScrollMagic website with vertical slider section snap

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Hey everyone. I was looking for a tool that can help me make a page which scrolls like standard one, until it reaches certain section, it snaps and until user haven't scrolled through all the slides inside it, it stays snapped. I found out about scrolltrigger, but unfortunately our project uses GSAP 2. I guess it is still possible to make with ScrollMagic? I tried to find demo on the website, but didn't find nothing which reminds of what I trying to make. Is there something I can use as reference? I am really new to animations and it feels a little bit overwhelming.

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Welcome to the forums, @SackOfSocks


Is there any particular reason you can't update to GSAP 3? It has been out for many years now. It's smaller, more capable, and easier to use by far than the old version 2. You'd be MUCH better off upgrading and using ScrollTrigger than trying to use ScrollMagic which is not a GreenSock product and hasn't been maintained for years. 


There are a bunch of ScrollTrigger demos at https://greensock.com/st-demos in case that helps. 


Good luck with the project! 👍

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