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ScrollSmoother - jitter on non-retina Device in Firefox

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Hello everybody,

while browsertesting i noticed some jitter in Firefox, but only when open on my non-retina Display.
its like the whole website is shaking after mouserelease a bit, unable to decide which half pixel to use.
It doesn't matter which Project, even the ScrollSmoother product page is jittering.
I know about the rotate 0.01 bugfix for FF, but even applying this fix to each element doesn't work. 
For the possibility of a workaround i startet this topic, since i couldn't find any related threads. 

Thank you and best regards




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Update to the most recent FireFox. The remaining jitter is just how the browser handles things. I can't see anything in that video that looks different from mine, so unless you are showing something that I'm not seeing, it's just how it works.

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Hello @SteveS

thanks for your answer, but only because it looks the same as on your browser, doesn't necessarily mean, that this is right.
FF ist known for rendering issues and weird bugfixes – And maybe there is also a fix for this.
Thank you and best regards.

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Yeah, it appears to be a browser-level pixel-snapping that Firefox is forcing. Annoying! 😤 Firefox has been pretty bad lately with rendering bugs. I'll keep poking around to see if I can find a way around it, but thus far I'm coming up empty. Hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. 

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If even you have no fix, then we have no choice but to wait 😁
Thank you for your quick answer @GreenSock

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