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Thomas Günther

MorphSVGPlugin but stay in same place

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I'm wondering if it's possible to use the MorphSVGPlugin only for the shape, not for the position of elements.


My use case: I want to morph an object randomly into one of many objects. I know I can duplicate the objects onto every drop, but I feel like there's a better solution.


Thank you!

See the Pen YzegBaZ by medienbaecker (@medienbaecker) on CodePen

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The path of an element has a lot of position data on it , so what I would do is create several SVGs and place them on a grid, then have a separate SVG with the morph data and animate each path in a SVG to a random path, with this they stay in place.


@PointC has a better explanation over here


My understanding was that if you add `repeatRefresh: true` to a tween it would recalculate on each repeat, but I never can get it to work, or I'm just really lucky and my random luck is insane!


See the Pen OJQqGBR?editors=1011 by mvaneijgen (@mvaneijgen) on CodePen

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@mvaneijgen That's very clever! Thank you. I could even try to nest SVGs as this (surprisingly) seems to work, too.

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