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Extending ContentDisplay

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Several time in my application I need to use an ImageLoader but do lot of things on the contentdisplay.


I therefore made classes that extend ContentDisplay and add the ImageLoader in the constructor.


It seems ImageLoader creates its own contentdislpay and forget about mine.


When I use the setContentDisplay function it almost works. Images are added but not with the correct fitWidth or fitHeight I set.


Could you add a variable that allow setting the contentdisplay?



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It sounds like you must be extending ContentDisplay incorrectly. Help me understand why you're even doing that in the first place.


It's important that ImageLoaders, SWFLoaders, and VIdeoLoaders create a ContentDisplay right away in their constructor for several reasons (I'll spare you the boring explanation) and I don't think it would be appropriate to allow you to change the Loader's ContentDisplay. Maybe I just need help understanding your objectives so I can offer a better solution.

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Well, most of times im interested in manipulating images. Those images are Loaded with an ImageLoader. It is convenient for me to create a class that has all the functionalities I want with this image.


If I am using a loader. I have to add the content of the loader to my class:


loader = new ImageLoader("path to the image.jpg",vars);
var image:Image = new Image()


This makes me having a sprite sitting on another sprite on which sits rawContent.


I'd rather have the ContentDisplay available right away and with which I can use my own method if needed.

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You're welcome to do that, but I personally think it's much cleaner to have the extra Sprite (that's really not a big deal in terms of memory) and avoid tinkering with LoaderMax and its relationship with ContentDisplay. I didn't design ContentDisplay to be anything other than a container for the rawContent that performs a few key functions like resizing. The intention wasn't to have developers add a bunch of their own content in there, manage things, extend it, swap ContentDisplay objects for others in a loader, etc. In fact, I think it's very important to make sure that the ContentDisplay remain consistent for any given loader (not allow swapping). A lot of problems could arise otherwise (I'll spare you the boring explanation). But feel free to extend it if you prefer.

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