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Thomas Günther

Limit Observer to pointer

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Heya 👋


I noticed I can not limit an Observer to type: pointer. It will always trigger, also on mobile/touch devices.


While I can use a condition like e.event.type.includes('pointer') I'm wondering if this is a bug.


In this codepen I listen to onLeft and onRight but I don't want this on mobile devices. It will scroll, jump back and then animate the scroll.

See the Pen qBxMVmB by medienbaecker (@medienbaecker) on CodePen

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Great catch, @Thomas Günther. Sorry about the confusion there. That's fixed in the next release, but for now it should be as simple as wrapping your .observe() in this:

if (ScrollTrigger.isTouch !== 1) { // <- skip if it's a touch-only device
    type: "pointer",




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Thanks for the quick answer, @GreenSock! I'm glad you could fix it 👍


In the meantime the isTouch is also a much better solution than my event type condition, thanks!

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