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Playing a sound in an external SWF

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I have a preloader SWF that loads in main.swf and sounds.swf via LoaderMax. I would like main to have access to the sounds in the library of sounds.swf. I know that I can use the MP3Loader, but I need to work within the current framework of the project that has all of the sounds in the main library. Any idea how I can easily access a sound class in one SWF from another? (Both being loaded in with LoaderMax)




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You can get any class from within the subloaded swf using SWFLoader's getClass() method (assuming you didn't run into any security errors while loading, like from another domain with no crossdomain.xml in place). See the ASDocs for details. http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/_loadermax.html

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