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How can I able to scroll horizontally in a limited place?

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Hey Mukhriddin,


You'd need to listen for scroll/wheel events over that panel and then link the animation up to that. Or just use native horizontal scrolling I guess!

If you want to listen for events you can use our observer plugin to make your life easier.
Here's the link to the docs, https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/Observer

Why don't you give it  go - we're here if you have questions!

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could you please show a demo in the codesandbox I shared?

P.s: I don't think the thing I need is observer. Because, as I understand it triggers one action, and it is not related to scroll width in horizontal scrolling

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You're right, observer isn't directly related to horizontal scrolling. But it's a way to capture pretty events, get data back and then you can do whatever you want with that data.

This thread should give you a hand!


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