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Particles elements and scrolltrigger issue

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Hi all, 

on this demo, particles images load correctly but.. the interactivity seems totally gone: touchstart animation / mouseenter got strange issue (doesnt start at all) while adding gsap.

Is something related how the script / canvas works? (Maybe because the canvas needs to see images as soon as possible (starting after img-loaded) , while using scrolltrigger to show and hide elements container cause a conflict?).

I can avoid using scrolltrigger and show elem as is, but I was tryin' to make each of them, fadein staggered with GSAP.

Thanks for any help


See the Pen bGLMGNQ by DedaloD (@DedaloD) on CodePen

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Hello @Dennyno.


For me the interaction with the elements works just fine. [Looks like I can not upload the GIF I made to show it working properly - Edit: Oh, here it is 😅 just showed up after posting]





That is, when the window is wide enough. If it is too narrow, you will have some canvasses sitting on top of others - blocking the mouse/touch events from getting thorugh to the one below (or beside depending how you look at it). So I don't really think there is something wrong with regard to ScrollTigger here. For me the interaction is the same with ST as it is without ST included.





But you might want to tweak the end of your ScrollTrigger a bit - because I think as it stands, in scenarios when the window is just wide enough so the grid-container you have is not tall enough, the end will trigger before the start, which will make all of the elements just pop in instantly - that is the case for me on 1920x1080 at least [I used end: "+=400px" when I made the GIF, btw).    



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Hi @akapowl, thanks for hint!

Yep, seems not related to gsap at all, as it also seems that I sadly can't handle the mobile view... even changing the data attribute to fix the sizes/min-sizes/max-sizes = no luck ... as last chance I also increased the mouse repulsion, but nothing happens on mobile and on desktop particles literally explode on the screen.

What a pity.

Will look for any other lib that can handle the particles. Found many, but need to find the interactivity and also the possibility to get 2 columns on mobile, because getting 12 logos could be really long in a single column view.

thanks for the while ☺️

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