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SplitText and MotionPath displays text in reverse

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Hi there,

Im using MotionPath plugin to animate a text through a path and SplitText to split the text into characters but as you see it displays the text in reverse. For example when i write "Gsap" i see "pasG". 

I think the title and the codepen is self explanatory. 

How can i fix this issue?

See the Pen MWQGEzR by Separator (@Separator) on CodePen

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    stagger: {
        each: -0.15,
        repeat: -1,

Happy tweening.



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Oh, that was easy! :D

However i noticed another issue. 

Its not separating the words!

I edited the codepen.

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The words are just divs so you can style them however you like! 🥳

Maybe pop some padding on the right of them


#split > * {


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