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Text transform Vertical

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Can anyone help me with with this. Here the line animation is in horizontal which is perfect but i want to transform the text vertically like cuberto like in the header on hover. https://cuberto.com/


I am just confused with the changing coordinates.

See the Pen YzerrMb by niyamvora (@niyamvora) on CodePen

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Hi there's no GSAP in this pen - why don't you give it a go and then post back?

This should give you a jump start...


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Hi @Tanvi_Patel


Is this a GreenSock-related question? - You don't have any JS in your CodePen, and all of your animations are done via CSS. We are happy to help you with GSAP questions, but don't have the resources to custom-code UI components for people here.


I'd suggest looking at the GSAP documentation or checking out one of the many great resources for learning.



Understanding transforms will also be important:


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Actually i saw it on the cuberto website, since they are using gsap i thought there would be a prebuilt in function for this. That was the reason i posted it.

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Oh no - sorry. 

GSAP doesn't offer pre-made effects. Think of GSAP like a toolbox full of tools. You can use the tools to make pretty much anything, the strength is in the flexibility.

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Cuberto, GSAP and "prebuilt" is a ternary that doesn't work at all :)

@Tanvi_Patel  I couldnt find the animation you are talking about, btw, you may just change your code, even starting with CSS, till the gsap versioning.

You're translating your code on the X axis, (the first parameter on the translate3d); while you need the second one. Being you working in a 3D space, you gotta thing about X, Y, Z.

Good luck :)

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