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Rotating dial for alaphabet navigation

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Hi there, please accept my apologies for any poor terminology as i'm fairly new to GSAP - i'm looking for a way to build the attached image wheel naviagation. Essentially the dial will be able to rotate and select the letters in the wheel, when the user hits the select button there letter will be added to a seperate div/element. I'm struggling assosiating the rotating dial to the letters. I'm wondering if anyone can help assist with this even a super basic example would be amazing - thanks in advance.




See the Pen ExQwmrR by fuzzyRhys (@fuzzyRhys) on CodePen

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This looks nice and simple actually. There's 26 letters in the alphabet, and they're spaced out over 260 degrees of the circle. That's maths I can handle 😂


You can specify a start and end point, then just snap every 10 degrees and log out the end rotation value

See the Pen vYdeZog?editors=0111 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Hey Cassie, this is perfect thank you so much for taking the time to have a look 🙏


Appreciate you and all at Greensock!

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No worries at all - this looks fun, pop back when it's finished, we'd love to see it ☺️

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