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Snap function - Issue

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Hi there, I just came across a small issue related to the gsap.utils.snap function (gsap version 3.10.4):

gsap.utils.snap(0.01, 0.29); // Returns 0.28 instead of 0.29

I know that I could use other ways to get float number with 2 precision points but this function is very handy :)



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Great spot! Thanks for finding this. We'll look into it.


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Ah, the joys of weird binary math issues. Check this out: 

console.log(0.29 * 100); // should be 29 but returns 28.999999999999996!



I've added some code to work around that issue in the next release which you can preview at https://assets.codepen.io/16327/gsap-latest-beta.min.js

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It's time for the wat-duck again.

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