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Call this.$ScrollTrigger.refresh() error when redirect page with Nuxt

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First of all, thank you so much with GSAP !


I use nuxt-gsap-module when I redirect between 2 page by nuxt-link, seem scroll height not refresh, it use scroll height of page previous. I use this.$ScrollTrigger.refresh() but it error.


I use CodePen Home ScrollTrigger - Horizontal Scroll

Thank all


See the Pen GRZORvX by olig (@olig) on CodePen

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Hey there!


Nuxt gsap module isn't actually ours. It's a third party solution.

'Cannot read properties of Null' sounds like you're trying to target something that doesn't exist.


Hard to advise beyond this I'm afraid.

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I resolved problem scrollHeight when use 

beforeDestroy() {

and add <div> parent 

instead of use this.$ScrollTrigger.refresh() in mounted()


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