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MotionPath not working with React

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I want to move the purple block along the path I've draw in the SVG. 

This is one section of my website which uses gsap all over the page. Rest of the page can be easily selected using the ref but when I use MotionPath, It throws Invalid scope and Target not found error.


Here's the codesandbox: https://codesandbox.io/s/gsap-motionpath-react-bkscsf?file=/src/App.js

Thank You!

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I'm definitely not a React guy, but I think the problem may be that you're trying to reference ".App" before it even exists. You could use the ref instead because GSAP's selector is smart enough to check for .current on the object you pass in:


// BAD
const appRef = useRef(null);
const el = gsap.utils.selector(".App");

const appRef = useRef(null);
const el = gsap.utils.selector(appRef);

Does that help? 

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I tried that and it wasn't working. 🙃 Paging @OSUblake for his shift in the React mines

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  • 2 weeks later...

The solution was to initialize gsap.selector inside useLayoutEffect and to use a completely different timeline for motionpath instead of chaining it with tweens. Thank you cassie and greensock for help!

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