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ScrollSmoother element position fixed problem

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as a GSAP beginner, every day is exciting and you always discover new behaviors that are so completely strange for me :D


I've come across something that's driving me crazy.


The page scrolls horizontally, everything is great, but if I place elements like a logo and a burger menu in code before the animated container, they do just scroll out of the page?


What is happening here and how can I use css position:fixed; for elements like I can normally do? :D 


Thanks for your advice :)





See the Pen ZErBqoE by dkx (@dkx) on CodePen

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  • Solution

You'll need to move those elements outside of your scroll wrapper.


See the Pen dfe28e138684e056e0dc54f7fc605d9c by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen



From the docs under Caveats:

position: fixed should be outside the wrapper - since the content has a CSS transform applied, browsers create a new containing block and that means position: fixed elements will be fixed to the content rather than the viewport. That's not a bug - it's just how CSS/browsers work. You can use ScrollTrigger pinning instead or you could put any position: fixed elements OUTSIDE the wrapper/content.




Happy tweening.



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Hi @PointC,


that's great! I thought I had to do it all with .to() etc. as well. You are my hero of the evening, thank you very much! Did I really only miss these two containers? How good is that? :D 


 <div id="smooth-wrapper">
  <div id="smooth-content">

Thank you very much ! :D 



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