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Adobe animate and GASP3

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Dear All

Thank you for your time, this is not my first time here however my last post was many years ago.

I would like to use the GSAP  "motion path " plugin, in "Adobe Animate" ,to  animate a series of shapes flowing along a 

line, the concept, is to simulate a liquid or air flowing through a pipe. I have used a similar GSAP plugin before in Flash, using AS3 script

but since the introduction of HTML 5 and the deletion of AS3 in most websites it is no longer viable.

Will the "motion path" "plug in" work in HTML 5 Animate and if so how will the "plug in" be loaded into Animate.


Best regards




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Hi Spycatcher,


I don't use Animate so I can't give specifics, but you can use the MotionPathPlugin to animate EaselJS objects in Animate. 


@Carl do you have any courses on how to use Animate + GSAP?



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Thank you for your reply 

I cant seem to find anywhere how to load the guide path into Animate and how to populate the path with multiple 

targets to produce a stream., this was relatively easy  in AS3 with the greensock plugin . I tried to copy some guide path code but it did not run properly in the Browser via animate, as only the text from the animation showed in browser . I texted Carl about my problem years ago, but at that time there was no motion path plugin for JavaScript in animate, I am excited it is now available for use in Animate, cant wait to use the plugin.

Best Regards




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Sorry I can't be of much help here. I haven't tried MotionPath with Animate (or really touched anything with JS and Animate in quite awhile).

Back in the day I would probably just use a movie clip that had a hand-drawn motion guide in it and then control the movie clip with gsap.

I'm assuming that as long as you have access to the svg path data you want to use you should be able to feed an Animate symbol as the target of a MotioPath tween. 

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To "load the plugin" into Animate you would just provide the url of the MotionPath plugin js file in the exact same way you are loading the gsap javascript file



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