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scrolltrigger last section overlap second last section and no height limit

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per that thread i was able to make this work, but wondering if there is a way to make the last section not restricted to size... mkae the last section the page content...

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Welcome to the forums @Will.I.Am


I'm not exactly sure what you mean. The demo at the end of that thread seems to fine to me. Do you have a minimal demo that shows what you are trying to do?


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i thought i edited my question, but apparently it didnt take...

but this codepen 

See the Pen XWaqbaa by AlibekKulseitov (@AlibekKulseitov) on CodePen


when it gets to #4 and overlaps #3 ... I want to be able to use 4 for as much content as I want... when I put content into it currently, it just stops at a 100vh of the section... I do not want to limit that last slide to viewport of content

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