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Possible to use ScrollSmoother on whole page where ScrollTrigger is pinning items?

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Hi, I am trying to implement ScrollSmoother on a whole page. I'm having issues because I want to smooth the same container that ScrollTrigger is using as a pin / pinContainer. Is this even possible? Desired behavior: smooth scroll whole page, pin the ScrollTrigger content correctly, continue smooth scrolling past it.


I also can't seem to get ScrollSmoother working on the whole page at all, even without the pins - it just removes the scrollbar. This is a newer plugin so I haven't seen much about this particular issue.

See the Pen gOvMyZo by chailandau (@chailandau) on CodePen

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You first need to use proper targets for the content and wrapper. Both of those elements need to be inside the <body> tag.

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Brilliant, thank you! So glad I convinced my company to get me a license, you guys rock! It works now.

See the Pen jOZroyg by chailandau (@chailandau) on CodePen

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