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ScrollTrigger: Animate on threshold

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Hey there,


This is not really an issue but rather a way of improving and writing more efficiently.


I am trying to find the best way to animate a fixed header after scrolling passed a specific threshold (i.e. 100px from the top).


I'm currently achieving this by toggling a class, which works fine, although I'd prefer to leverage GSAP to animate it than CSS. You can also see that this is coupled with an animation that plays/reverses depending on the scroll direction.


Effectively I am aiming for:

  1. Scroll down (hide)
  2. Scroll up (show)
  3. Scroll past 100px from top, apply styling such as `background`, `backdropFilter` and `borderColor`.


function fnHeader( oComp ) {
	let oHeader 							= document.querySelector( '.c-header' );
	let oHeaderInline 						= oHeader.querySelector( '.c_inline' );
	* Toggle class on threshold
	gsap.from( document, {
		scrollTrigger: {
			start: 'top -100',
			end: 99999,
			toggleClass: { className: 'has-scrolled', targets: oHeader }
	* Animate on up/down scroll direction
	const showInline = gsap.from( oHeaderInline, { 
		yPercent: -100,
		paused: true,
		delay: .1,
		duration: .8,
		ease: Quart.easeInOut
	}).progress( 1 );
		start: 'top -80%',
		end: 99999,
		onUpdate: ( self ) => {
			self.direction === -1 ? showInline.play() : showInline.reverse()



Would anyone advise on a better approach?


Thank you!

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Hi code,


There are some super simple demos here...



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