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horizontal scroll faster

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Hello I found this animation and I was wondering if there is the possibility to switch from one slide to the next with only one scroll (one time), now I have to scroll several times to go to the next one.

In this page i add some background image and for go to one slide to the next one it tooks many scrolls:

As if with a single scroll it goes directly to the next slide, as if they overlap one on top of the other.


See the Pen RwagmXe by mikeallteams (@mikeallteams) on CodePen

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Many thanks for your answer, but i think that i finally found something that it looks ok in my case.

Now the scroller it goes faster and for me it's ok.

i just add this: - innerWidth


end: () => "+=" + document.querySelector(".horizontal-container").offsetWidth


end: () => "+=" + document.querySelector(".horizontal-container").offsetWidth - innerWidth




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