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Missing plugin error

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I've installed GSAP to my WordPress site and from what I can see everything is in the correct order, so I have no idea why the ScrollTrigger plugin won't work.

I'm trying to use the example from codepen on my page.


Here's my setup

1. Error code in dev tools:


2. Scripts in Scripts Organizer:


3. My code in Scripts Organizer: 


4. Order of output in browser:

Thanks in advance

See the Pen GRWobyX?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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Hm, the minimal demo seems to be working fine. Unfortunately screen shots of code aren't adequate. We can't see any of the context or poke around. Please provide a link to where we can see the error happening in our own browser. 


That error definitely means that ScrollTrigger wasn't loaded or registered at the time your code executed. 

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What do you need?`I can't see more if I share the url. I've inspected the site and you can see my code is shown in the footer before the custom code/call.
Can I share the url privately, so it won't get spammed?

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  • Solution

I did found out my self.
scrollTrigger was an old version, even though I picked the newest from cdnjs.. It was version1.x.x..


Where do I find the newest CDN urls?

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