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Headings marquee by sections observer

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 is this something doable with Scrolltrigger / Scrollproxy?

Making a marquee following the id of the sections.

I made a quick idea with just CSS to show the markup.

Thanks :)

See the Pen JjpGjPq by DedaloD (@DedaloD) on CodePen

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There's a lot of posts in the forums on marquee effects. This one should be a good place to start


I'm not sure how exactly you want to link it to scroll, but yes, that's possible too!

Why don't you give the marquee effect a bash and then we can give you a hand hooking it up to ScrollTrigger if you still need help?

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Hi @Cassie and thanks ☺️

Yep technically I’m able doing that, just a loop and translate.. but how to synchronize each item to its anchor?


aka I mean, if I scroll to elem X, then the horizontal carousel scroll to its related element X, centering it…


It’’s something doable via Gsap or do I need to pass via interception observer?

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Still no solution, maybe too too complex issue?


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Sounds like you could use ScrollTrigger to detect the section and then move the nav to a certain position depending on which section you're in.

Maybe something like this? (pseudo code)

Pop together a pen with what you've tried and we can take a look!

sections.forEach(section => {
  trigger: section,
  start: "top center",
  onToggle: self => {
    console.log("toggled, isActive:", self.isActive)
    gsap.to('.nav', {
      xPercent: something


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