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GSAP Tween ease does not accept a function

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It appears as though the ease property does not accept a function returning a default ease string (such as 'power4.out' ) as a value. I know there is language around it accepting a "function that accepts a progress value between 0 and 1 and returns a converted, similarly normalized value" but it'd be great if I could use a function to return a preset easing value based on some condition in the browser (such as resizing the window). 



gsap.to(el, {
ease: () => (condition ? 'power4.out' : 'none',

Preset easing value set based on ternary function. 



GSAP tween breaks and no longer works.


I've included a codepen that demonstrates this not working. Is there any way to do this? Any thoughts here are greatly appreciated! 

See the Pen GRQpRKW by pdnellius (@pdnellius) on CodePen

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