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Scroll marker colours - Feature Request

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Would be great if we could theme scroll markers in some way? Give position left or right side of screen and maybe add a colour option?

markers: {visible: true, label: "myTrigger", position: left, colour: red}


This way it would be easier to distinguish between multiple scroll triggers.


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You can!


From the docs.


markers Object | Boolean - Adds markers that are helpful during development/troubleshooting. markers: true adds them with the defaults (startColor: "green", endColor: "red", fontSize: "16px", fontWeigth: "normal", indent: 0) but you can customize them by using an object like markers: {startColor: "white", endColor: "white", fontSize: "18px", fontWeight: "bold", indent: 20}.
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haha brilliant!! I did have a google and it seemed something quite simple to implement so I did wonder!


Thank you!

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Just out of interest (as I'm trying to make the docs better) Did you look in the docs, not find it and then google - or jump straight to google?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry just logged in and saw this reply.. 

I scanned through the docs but missed it then went to google. Now I can see it in the docs clear as day! 

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