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Julien G

ScrollTrigger scroll to hash and pin

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Hello, i'm trying to make a hash link to work with ScrollTrigger and the pin functionality with no success...

When the trigger is reached, an element containing the whole page is pinned, to stop everything during the animation.


It seems that the link is pointing to the original location of the element (before ScrollTrigger resize the pinned element).

I tried to locate the position of the element in the dom with element.getBoundingClientRect() to perform a scroll with window.scrollTo() but same issue, it returns the original location.


How can I scroll to an element that is contained inside a pinned element?

Maybe I'm pinning the wrong element?


See the Pen BaYyvbK by juliengmd (@juliengmd) on CodePen

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Thank you for your answer. It is working now with this function inspired by getScrollPosition from helper functions :

function getScrollPosition(id: string) {
  const st = ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: `#${id}`, pinnedContainer: '#pin', start: 'top top' })
  const stStart = st.start
  return stStart;
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