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I am loading images for a gallery, and I need them to have a predefined background. So I set the parameters height and width in the vars variable. I am also using the container parameter to add the pictures straight to the container. However when the ContentDisplayObject is being added to the container the object width and height report 0.


Do you know what might cause the problem?


Thank you

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Are you sure? I just tested this:


var l:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("assets/1.jpg", {container:this, width:100, height:100});
trace(l.content.width+", "+l.content.height); //traced "100, 100"


If that's not working for you, please post an FLA that demonstrates the issue so we can just publish it and see exactly what's going on. Maybe you have some conflicting code in here?


And you are using the latest version, right? http://www.LoaderMax.com

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I am using FlashBuilder so I cannot make fla with that.


It gives the same result for me as well. But it's during the initialisation of the ImageLoader.


               override public function addChild(child:DisplayObject):DisplayObject
                       trace(child.width) // give 0 with child being a ContentDisplayObject
		return _browser.addChild(child)

	public function loadImage(file:FileData):void
		var vars:ImageLoaderVars = new ImageLoaderVars;
		vars.autoDispose = false
		vars.bgColor = ColorLibrary.LIGHT_MIDGREY
		vars.bgAlpha = 1
		vars.width = _pictureSize
		vars.height = _pictureSize
		vars.scaleMode = "proportionalInside"
		vars.name = file.name
		vars.context = NEditor.CONTEXT
		vars.container = this
		vars.smoothing = true

		var loader:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader(file.path,vars);
                        trace(loader.content.width) // give same value as _pictureSize
                       trace(loader.content.width) // give same value as _pictureSize


May be it's not a bug and a design decision. But I thought the point of giving it a size at the begining (especially when you give it a background color) was that the display object will right away size to the dimension that were given. No?

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Oh, I see what you're saying. Yeah, ContentDisplay does apply the size right away - immediately after adding it to the container. I never really thought of a scenario where code would rely on the order of that being switched, but it does make sense to apply the size first and then add it to the container, so I just posted an update that does exactly that. Snag it at http://www.LoaderMax.com (or log into your GreenSock account if you're a club member)

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