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Hi How can i Overwrite the Rotation ?

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Hi everyones

I got stuck at the rotation 

so my question is how can i Overwrite the rotation ? ?? 

please go to the Codepen 

dont know only show the mobile version ... 

thanks for your time ! 

See the Pen ZEvZjeM by phm-thanh-li-m-the-animator (@phm-thanh-li-m-the-animator) on CodePen

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I'm not sure what you're trying to do exactly, but you set up your animation to autoRotate via the motionPath and you're ALSO trying to create an entirely new animation of rotation on EVERY tick during that animation. That's definitely not a good idea. Not only is it wasteful to create a new animation on every tick, but you've got multiple animations telling the rotation to go to DIFFERENT values (conflicting). You should decide which you want to do. Maybe delete the autoRotate on the motionPath. Or you could wrap the element in a container, so the motionPath affects the container, and the other rotation affects the inner element. 


If you still need help, please clarify your intentions and only provide a minimal demo - you don't need most of that code and the elements in that demo to show the issue. The simpler your demo, the more likely you'll get a good answer. 


Good luck!

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