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Scrollable area on a page with ScrollSmoother

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Hi there. Can I have a scrollable container on a page that has ScrollSmoother initialized?
Scrolling inside such containers (that have overflow: auto ) translates to the whole page scroll.

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Currently normalizeScroll does not support nested scrollers, but it's something we're investigating. For now you'll just have to disable that feature.


            content: "#smooth-content",
            wrapper: "#smooth-wrapper",
            smooth: 1, // how long (in seconds) it takes to "catch up" to the native scroll position
            effects: false, // looks for data-speed and data-lag attributes on elements
            // normalizeScroll: true, // prevents address bar from showing/hiding on most devices, solves various other browser inconsistencies
            smoothTouch: 0,


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 Thank you. It's great that we have a smooth scroll feature in gsap, well done 👍 

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