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Victor Work

ScrollSmoother - Multiple Instance Overlapping

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Hello Beautiful people.

Is there any way to avoid ScrollSmoother to overlap when using multiple instances?

Currently, it seems that is applying body container height to other instances (i.e: Modal cutting off)


Thanks in advance

See the Pen yLpraPy by victorwork (@victorwork) on CodePen

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pretty sure you are only supposed to have one ScrollSmoother instance for the entire page


found this in the FAQ in the docs

  • Can ScrollSmoother be applied to the contents of individual elements instead of the whole web page?

    No, ScrollSmoother is intended to be used to smooth the scrolling on the overall page, not individual elements.

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Ohhh I didn't see it. My bad... Thanks Carl. 

@GreenSock Could I leave it as suggestion for next releases? Also the feature to lerp sections instead of the whole container.



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Sections is coming Victor! :)

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