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ScrollTrigger only works correctly when console is open 🤔

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Hi, everyone ! 

Sorry I don't have a codepen as I have no idea how to replicate my problem, but i have the actual website that's already live https://alexandrepujol.com/


I have a scrollIndicator (on the bottom right of the homepage) that's suppose to disappear when I scroll all the way down:

    tl.to(lineRef.current, {
      y: 25,
      scaleY: 0,
      scrollTrigger: {
        startTrigger: "#Homepage",
        start: "top top",
        end: "bottom bottom", // correct end
        markers: true,
        scrub: true,
        onLeave: () => {
        onEnterBack: () => {

When I reach the bottom, it toggles my state, which triggers a small animation to make it disappear

   gsap.to(lettersRef.current, {
        yPercent: -100,
        stagger: 0.02,
        ease: Power3.easeOut,

The animation is only triggered when the console is open, when it's not, it stops before triggering the animation



When I put the markers on, I see that the end trigger has move more or less 100vh below where it's supposed to be, when I put the console mode on, it comes back to were it should. 

Anyone has had that problem before ? I can't explain it ...


Thanks if you have any idea what it is and even if you don't :) 


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Hi serotininene,


That scroll animation looks the same to me whether the console is open or closed. What browser and OS are you seeing this on?


The only weird thing I noticed is that when that contact form at the bottom appears, it's changing the scroll position, probably because it's changing the height of the document, but I don't know if that is related to what you are seeing and you are properly handling that change like doing a ScrollTrigger refresh.


If you could try to make a demo that reproduces the issue, that would be really helpful because it's really to troubleshoot a live site, especially when can't interact with the code and make changes to it. You can use CodeSandbox if you need to use React.


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I'm gonna try to make a sandbox but as said I have no clue how to replicate the problem but let me try it ! 

Small question do u see the scroll disappearing or stopping before it ? 


Thanks for the feedback :) 

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Actually sorry ! My bad, it's not the console that's responsible, it's just when you resize the window ... 

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