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Locomotive to ScrollSmoother

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Hi, I'm moving from Locomotive to ScrollSmoother.


When my testimonial changes size, the area beneath the footer is huge. Or when I resize a text box I have the same problem.


So is there a version of "locoScroll.Update", "locoScroll.Start" and "locoScroll.Stop" for gsap?


$('.testimonials').on('afterChange', function(){


I've read the docs, but maybe I'm not searching for the right terms

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  • TrulyNewbie changed the title to Locomotive to ScrollSmoother

Maybe ScrollTrigger.refresh() ?

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1 hour ago, Cassie said:

Maybe ScrollTrigger.refresh() ?

Thank you. That works! 


But what about:


window.addEventListener('load', (event) => {

function goAhead() {


How can I replicate this?

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