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Trigger on element with parallax

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I couldn't find if there is something in the docs for this, but I have an element that has a basic transform parallax on it. That same element has a basic toggle class on it when it hits the top of the viewport, however, the makers on the this latter animation are wrong as it takes it from before the parallax.


I guess I need to offset it with the transform? But is this performant as the trigger point is constantly changing?


The two animations.


gsap.to(".js-pick-me-up", {
  ease: 'none',
  scrollTrigger: {
    trigger: ".block-intro",
    scrub: true,
    start: "top top",
    end: window.innerHeight,
  y: window.innerHeight / 2


  trigger: ".js-pick-me-up",
  end: "bottom bottom",
  start: "top top",
  toggleClass: 'is-fixed'


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Hey @ferriss,


I'm not really sure of timing or positioning from this code snippet, could you put together a minimal demo for us?


I'm sure I can recommend an alternative approach with the appropriate context!




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Also, for the record, ScrollSmoother has parallax effects baked in (data-speed) and they automatically integrate with ScrollTrigger so that the positions are adjusted according to the parallax movement. Super convenient!




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  • Solution

I started doing an MVP and adding a wrapping div fixed my issue.

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