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Gsap Full page scroll dont work with links

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I am trying this code pen full page scroll, all working good so when i click on links i got This (look img joined)

i have to try a lot of solution so nothing happened.

Its that possible to use it with links?

Thx for help :).

code pen.png

See the Pen gOoKGaZ by kaba992 (@kaba992) on CodePen

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I read your post a few times and I still don't understand what you're asking. Can you please clarify? I don't see any links in that CodePen that are broken or look anything like that screen capture. 


Please make sure you include a minimal demo (CodePen) that clearly shows the problem and we'd be happy to answer any GSAP-specific questions. 

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Hi Jack Thx for thaking a time to read me :).

I solve it :) you can close!

Thx again and sorry to for non clarification.


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