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On scroll motion flip the png images inside svg element.

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Hello @GreenSock community,


There are two issue i am facing in scrolltrigger animation.

1) In codepen link you can see the  full page site.  I need on scroll flip animation.


<div class="card">
  <div class="face front">
    QR img 
  <div class="face back">
    normal img

on scroll first front section visible. After amount of scroll front will change to back face img.



After scroll to next section (IDC FEATURES) it's move to back img. Bottom attact img are backface img.




2) Back face images are visible on bottom of section. It's jump to bottom as per screensort.


If you scroll to bottom you can see it's jump to bottom.  Is there any solution to fix this images movement. After animation section scroll to bottom.

thanks !

See the Pen RwxQzXM by krunalfrontend (@krunalfrontend) on CodePen

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Hi krunal,


We don't have the resources to help you go through hundreds of lines of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to help you troubleshoot your app. Please see the forum guidelines.


You'll significantly increase your chances of getting a solid answer if you provide a VERY minimal demo that only focuses on the one small part that you're having problems with. The simpler the demo is, the better.


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Hello @all,


See the Pen PoEEbKm by krunalfrontend (@krunalfrontend) on CodePen

Here are minimal demo. I want to fixed card after motion path and mobile img change and scroll to bottom.

Is there any way to make fix element of two different scrolltrigger element.



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Hi @krunal. I read your question several times and I'm lost, sorry. I don't understand what you're asking. Is there a GSAP-specific question we can help with? Unfortunately we don't do "build-to-order" consulting but we're happy to answer any GSAP-specific questions about the tools themselves, the API, etc. We just can't do "please take my demo and make it do ____ and then ____ and also ____" :)


Maybe look through the demos at https://greensock.com/st-demos and see if there's anything there that gets you going in the right direction. 


Good luck!

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