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Draggable circle that rotates - how can I prevent transparent areas initiating drag

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Hello everyone 

I am creating an interaction where there are some circles that the user can drag to rotate. I have this working (see codepen).


However I do not want the area inside the circle or outside the circle to be draggable. It appears to use the entire square as the trigger and does not ignore transparent areas. I do appreciate this can be handy when you want a hidden trigger.


Anyway just wanted to reach out for any solution to this issue? Perhaps I have just missed a flag I can use.



See the Pen f8311e8249ad7d54333e8a45d0546101 by paul-mediakitchen (@paul-mediakitchen) on CodePen

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Hi Paul, 


You really can't prevent that using an image as there will be pointer events on every part of the element. Your best bet is probably to use an SVG. Just a quick demo of a box showing the you can't drag in the empty spaces.


See the Pen WNddKKB by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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Thank you Blake. 


I will try adding a transparent SVG below the graphic circle image and that should do the trick.


Thank you kindly for the fast reply.



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Looks good!

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