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Ayaf Noneym

onDragEnd() is setting defined x position but without transition.

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I am trying to make something like thisI want to set specific position of x if value of drag on x axis is greater than defined number everything is working just fine but without transition or I can say without bounceEffect .


Additionally I also want to reset position of draggable element on focusLost

See the Pen zYPWWPj by NikalLawde (@NikalLawde) on CodePen

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Hi Ayaf,


prevX is not from where it started. Try setting it in onPress instead of onDrag.


Also, you could also make this sort of thing using our new Observer plugin. Simple demo showing how to drag something.


See the Pen BaJwLem by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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The only problem with leaning on the delta values only is that you can get drift, like if the user's mouse goes off the edge of the viewport/iframe which is why I prefer to measure from the onPress and tap into the startX/startY: 


See the Pen dyJVeey?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


A little bit more complicated, but it prevents the drift. 👍

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