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Cover up previous sections with animation Scroll trigger

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Just once, I want to create a scroll trigger animation where the next section covers the previous section.

I want to scroll to footer and stop, but is not work.

There are more areas under footer.


plz check my demo...

See the Pen bGarZmp by ihateindex (@ihateindex) on CodePen

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I have confirmed it.

But what I want is that the next section(wrapper enclosing sections 3, 4, 5), which is longer than the previous section(section 2), covers the previous section, and then scrolls.

that example, the height of the sections is the same.


plz check my pic


Section 2 is overwritten by Section 3.

However, Section 3 is smaller than Section 2, so I tried to overwrite Section 2 with the wrappers wrapped around Section 3, 4, and 5.

Subsequently, sections 3, 4, and 5 proceed to normal scrolling.



Untitled-2 copy.jpg

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