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Help tweening array of arrays

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Hello, in my codepen i'm trying to tween between two arrays:

const frameArray = new SVG.PointArray([
  [0, 0],
  [width, 0],
  [width, height],
  [0, height],
  [0, 0]


const randomFrameArray = new SVG.PointArray([
  [0, width / 2],
  [width, 0],
  [width, height],
  [0, height],
  [0, 0]

using the following timeline

tl.to(frameArray, 2, randomFrameArray );

the SVG.PointArray class produces an array of arrays and Im not sure if that is the issue? Thanks in advance

See the Pen GRyvrEV by limitedunlimited (@limitedunlimited) on CodePen

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Hi James,


You can't animate a nested array like. There is the EndArrayPlugin that's built into GSAP, but you would need to create your animations in a loop.


let arrayOfArrays = [[1],[2],[3]];
let endArrayOfArrays = [[4],[5],[6]];

arrayOfArrays.forEach((arr, i) => {
  gsap.to(arr, {
    endArray: endArrayOfArrays[i],
    onComplete: () => console.log(arrayOfArrays) // [[4],[5],[6]]


Also, it's pretty easy to animate points without a library.



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