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Position of items are not the same when dragging Multiple Items with autoscroll

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Hi, i am trying to drag multiple items with autoscroll. In my case, two items are in different container therefore event listener 'scroll' is used to change the scrollLeft of another container. But i found that the one without dragging will move a little bit forward when it is scrolling. It will be correct after scrolling. Is there any problem in my code?

See the Pen PoJrJVN by lesley0911 (@lesley0911) on CodePen

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Hi kichun,


I've read your questions several times, but I'm still unsure what you're asking. Everything looks fine to me except your demo is using old versions of GSAP. 


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(animation is paused to show that boxes are not aligned while autoscrolling)


this is what I'm seeing. I'm guessing your scroll eventlisteners are firing at a totally different rate than Draggable's onUpdate. 


I doubt this is a Draggable issue as Draggable is doing exactly what it should in autoscrolling the parent of the thing you are dragging.



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Draggable updates with GSAP's ticker, which uses request animation frame, so it's going to be slightly delayed compared to the scroll listeners.

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oh i see, is there any listener (something like onDrag) can do the updating currently during autoscroll?

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I think the main problem is that when it does an "autoScroll", you're not necessarily dragging the element, thus onDrag isn't fired. That's not a bug. You could just tap into GSAP's ticker and run your update on each tick WHILE it's pressed like this: 


See the Pen QWaObGB?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


There are several other ways you could do it; this is just one. 


Does that help? 

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