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"Scroller start" and "Scroller end" markers are not transforming.

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I'm working in React so this issue is gonna take me a while to replicate in codesandbox. I've been banging my head against the wall with this for hours, I can't get a pin to work, one strange thing about it is that the "Scroller start" and "Scroller end" markers are not transforming, when I scroll the page they move with it rather than remaining in a fixed position due to the transform css applied to them.


There is a pin-spacer element being wrapped around the trigger correctly but like I said, nothing else is working, no transforms are being applied.


I was hoping that someone might no an obvious reason why this might happen?


If not I will create a codesandbox.

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Hey there Joe! How odd...


Sounds like something funny is going on in your CSS, I don't think you need react to put together a minimal demo of this though,

Can you possibly make a minimal demo just with some simplified markup, CSS and the GSAP snippet?

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Yeah, we definitely need a minimal demo to troubleshoot. It kinda sounds like you must have a transform applied to your root element or something like that. Or maybe you're using a smooth scrolling library that's doing that? 🤷‍♂️

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