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Expand Div Height without scrolling to bottom of div

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I'm having some issues with basically imitating jqueries slideToggle ( which didn't work well ) and using scrollTo to try and solve the problem.


The goal is to click on the button ( just click on the first button ) and to have the content expand down below WITHOUT scrolling down.

This works if you are towards the top of the div - before your scrollbar has gotten to the button. But if you scroll past the button and click, it moves you down to the bottom of the page.


( you can see it without my hack if you comment out these lines )


gsap.to(window, {duration:.1, scrollTo:currScroll});
gsap.to(window, {duration: 2, scrollTo: currScroll});


I'm trying to scroll jack and force it from moving down when it expands - any suggestions?



See the Pen bGaBybE by pwhittemore (@pwhittemore) on CodePen

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Hi pdub, 


I'm not sure what you're looking for, but another way would be to just keep setting the scroll position while it's animating.


See the Pen wvpgwOe by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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