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React Flip on unmounting and mounting components

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Hi @OSUblake thank you for your response, I did check this  example already if I understand correctly it applies an enter and exit animation on each box when mount and unmount, tho in my example I'm trying to transition the box from first to final layout state using the data-flip-id, it works well if they're both being rendered at the same time and just apply a display none property on the other one, but how to do it on a conditional rendered component with same data-flip-id? Thank you!

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fade is not going to work unless both elements are in the DOM. You also need to the targets property.



String | Element | Array | NodeList - by default, Flip will use the targets from the state object (first parameter), but you can specify a subset of those as either selector text (".class, #id"), an Element, an Array of Elements, or a NodeList. If any of the targets provided is NOT found in the state object, it will be passed to the onEnter and not included in the flip animation because there's no previous state from which to pull position/size data.


See the Pen OJzRdBj by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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